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How dedicated are you to WvW

  1. Highly dedicated - I am willing to put in the effort and time to begin the best no matter what

  2. Moderate - I am not big on strictness but I am willing to deal with it if it means we are better

  3. Neutral - I am not for harsh strict attitudes, I want to help but in smaller ways

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  4. Light - I don't deal well with stress but I want to help

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  5. I play for fun i don't care about progressions just give me gear

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  6. I am here for PvE world bosses and content which Includes Raids and Fractals

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  7. I am hear for SPvP

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    Above here is a Poll and I want people to join in and take it let the officers and people in charge know where we stand as a guild so we can better drive members and guild functions in a productive way to our Values. This is an open discussion please feel free to post replies suggestions and your thoughts about the guild.

    You can only choose one answer in the poll, so what we are asking for is where you want to primarily focuses on and how you feel you fit in. This doesn't mean that if you picked PvE that you can't do WvW or vise versa. if you want to clarify that your willing to be a good WvW person but also want to focus in the off times in PvE you can comment below​
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