Video Star Citizen: Subscriber's Town Hall feat. Banu & Alien Cultures

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    Star Citizen: Subscriber's Town Hall feat. Banu & Alien Cultures

    Streamed live on Apr 25, 2017
    Join Jared Huckaby, writers Dave Haddock and William Weissbaum, and ship designer Jonny Jacivious as they take questions from subscribers about the Banu and other alien races found within the Star Citizen universe.


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    The fact that the gimbals can be replaced with fixed hardpoints was a useful clarification. I had read a lot of people saying that they were sure the gimbals were permanent and could not be removed.

    So finally a weapon comparison with the Sabre can be made, and it can be summed up pretty quick: while they come with very different default configurations, they both have four size 3 hardpoints for weapons. The missile hardpoints are identical as well.

    They seem like pretty well matched ships overall. The Sabre has greater stealth, but the Defender has greater shields. They're both relatively fragile. Both are also fast and agile, though I certainly hope the Sabre will be somewhat faster and more agile. As a bonus the Defender has a (tiny) bit of storage space and also has space to bring along a passenger (or even a gunner if you opt to keep the gimbals). A secondary bonus for the Defender is the increased robustness from having two power units... if one is destroyed, you've got a spare!
    I may eventually want to pick up a Defender in video game...

    Overall, I guess I can see why someone might go with the Defender instead of a Sabre.

    Still love my Sabre though. However, I may eventually want to pick up a Defender in game...

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