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    Game Days Announcement

    RUIN is a multi game online community.

    In order to encourage members from different games to try the many excellent games currently available Game Days will be established.

    Different RUIN branches will hold their guild meetings, major world and community events. Members from across the organization will be encouraged to try different games during Game Days.

    Different games have days of high activity, World of Warcraft reset on Tuesdays for raids and pvp. Traditionally guild meetings have been held on Tuesdays as a reflection of high activity.

    Guild Wars 2 reset on Friday and traditional experiences high activity on Friday and throughout the weekend.

    Elder Scrolls online has high activity through the week generally in the evenings and night period.


    To create high levels of community involvement every day of the week.
    A guild meeting for each major branch. Allowing for a large scale community event every day of the week.

    This schedule is a potential preliminary draft:
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