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    Welcome to Ruin Gaming Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask.

    Ruin Gaming is a long standing MMORPG community with active branches in many different games. Present in SWTOR since launch we have returned in full force for the Galactic Strongholds expansion! Our current focus is Planetary Conquest and the construction of our massive guild Flagship, a Harrower Class Dreadnought.

    Planetary Conquest is extremely player intensive, requiring an active guild with as many well geared maximum level players as possible. Crafting Invasion supplies and equipment is required for success in Planetary Conquest. As a result all members should work on their crafting in addition to leveling and gearing in PVP.

    Ruin members should be active on Teamspeak and willing to help one another and the guild for operations, premade PVP and other activities when possible. We understand real life takes precedence, however, if you are online and priority targets such as Force Commanders, Battlemasters or World bosses are up, please make every effort to join us!

    Guild requirements and expectations!
    - How to have effective max level characters!
    - Crafting for PVP and Operations!
    - Leveling Guide!

    Become a Competent Player!
    - Your user interface!
    - Keybinding and you! Don't be a clicker, angry people on the internet will make fun of you.

    PVP groups
    - Who leads them, when?
    Starfighter groups
    - Who leads them, when?
    Operations groups
    - Who Leads them, when?

    Voice over IP and you!
    Shout directly into the internet!
    Teamspeak information!
    Password Ruinous
    Teamspeak 3 Download:

    How to level to 55 in the most efficient and fun way!

    Planetary Conquest and you!
    - How to take over planets for fun and profit!
    - Dulfy guide!
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    Can this be updated and sticky please?
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    I've been wondering lately if there's some way to organize the players who are keen to raid, especially those experienced enough to participate in Vet-mode progression.

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