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    To join Ruin Gaming in WOW you must do the following:
    Log on to Bleeding Hollow Alliance
    Type in your chat/command entry box /join Ruin
    Now you are in a chat channel where Officers monitor chat most of the time, you can now ask for an invite to one of the three branches, you can have 1 main in Ruin Gaming, than the rest go to one of our two sister branches Rhuin or Ruin Nation
    Ask for your correct rank if it is incorrect
    Have your note put in for your toon as your mains name if your in the Rhuin or Ruin Nation branch
    Log into TeamSpeak, info is in the guild info
    Log onto our forums and get a account setup and start participating
    Check out this link to get your starter information

    We are a WPVP focused organization, although we do support and provide content for RBGs, arena, premade BGs, as well as PVE content and leveling support.
    We have a guild meeting each week which is mandatory at 7pm server Tuesday. We do an update and news followed by a WPVP event. We also have mandatory siege call when needed to defend against incoming Alliance attacks. All of these things are fun and a lot of people show up for them. If your looking for a large supportive community full of fun and adventurous people in a fun environment come join us. We have a calendar full of events for all of our members to join and enjoy. Never a dull moment!
    Enjoy, don't be afraid to ask for help or to be active and heard!
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    the teamspeak guide need to be updated because i sure do not know how to setup mines.

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