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    Guild versus Guild
    What is the premises and idea behind Guild Versus Guild or GvG? Does it server a great function other than to see who is better? Why are they Important? Do you run the same builds and comps for all GvG? There are a lot of questions people have when it comes time for the use of GvG. A lot of people think it is a waste of time and some don't know anything about it and others believe it is crucial. No matter what type of person you are eventually you will run into GvG's and depending on your Commander for your guild and the person in charge it may be mandatory. So lets look into the fundamentals of GvG.

    What is it?

    GvG is an orginized fight and our battle between two guilds on the same server or across servers. It generally has a limit of
    • 10v10
    • 15v15
    • 20v20
    • 25v25
    regardless of the limit both guilds participating have a set of rules they follow and they are generally the following.
    1. When guild surrenders, the fight is done.
    2. You never disrespect or demean the other guild
    3. The start is set on a timer of usually 20 seconds
    Most of the time depending on your commander leading for your guild, they will require you to be in minimum Exotics, usually Legendary and or Ascended is the norm, not for the stats and it being better but rather for the diversity that one person can bring to the group by having the ability to change stats on the fly . Although this is not a requirement to join in on the fun everyone should strive to be in the Ascended, just in case. If you need help making that happen there are many ways to get this gear, either through crafting, Raids, WvW, or SPvP.
    How does this help me in WvW?
    There are a lot of people that don't understand why GvG is useful and that is understandable. The main thing is getting people in a comfortable environment to learn how to move and fight with out the fear of looking bad on the public stage to per say. It also is valuable to understand how the other guilds on your server that you scrim with fight themselves, that way when your guild is preforming a pinch maneuver you know their style and will understand more so how your commander is probably going to move injunction with the other guild.

    This is a technique that also supports a community so when ruin runs with KoR because ruins commander is slacking off, Ruin players already understand how they fight and can make a even more synergized fighting force. Over all this is a good why to hone skills in an environment that is relaxing and comfortable ....depending on your commander.

    GvG will also allow you to test out new tactics, to see if they work. it also allows for new players that want to try out commanding try their hand at it with out being embarrassed on the live show.
    1. 2 Guardians
    2. 2 Rev
    3. 2 Necros
    4. 1 eles
    5. 2 cleanses ( Engis are good here but any condi cleanse )
    6. Mesmer ( boon share / Viel )

    1. Warrior (bunker)
    2. 4 necros
    3. Rev
    4. Guardian
    5. Druid
    6. Mesmer
    7. Ele

    1. 3 Zerker Warrior
    2. 3 Necros
    3. 3 Daredevils
    4. 1 Ele

    1. 3 guardians
    2. 2 revs
    3. 3 necros
    4. 2 eles
    5. 2 Mesmers
    6. 1 druid
    7. 2 fillers

    1. 2 bunker Gaurds
    2. 2 burn gauards
    3. 2 trap guards
    4. 3 burst eles
    5. 2 Mesmers
    6. 2 druids
    7. 2 fillers
    Generally your core WvW builds will do here, at this level your practicing large scale.

    What are the lasting Benefits?

    Well every guild has a varying degree of success and benefits. Although Ultimately to give what is considered the highest end of results of GvG we look to Red Guard, at one point in time The guild leader stated they ere doing 10v 10 and 15v15; 9 to 13 times a week for two to three hours before jumping in WvW. the end result of this behavior was they became one of the if not the best fighting guild out there. Red guard would take 10 to 15 guys and wipe 70 + man zergs with no regard to their size.

    Now is this a feasible goal for us here at Ruin? Probally not.

    Is it obtainable? Yes.

    Will we be able to get there? More than likely not unless we really bunker down and practice.

    Is this where I want to take the guild? Yes and no.
    That answer is hard to answer straight forward. So yes my goal in playing GW2 and WvW is to take a T8 server and make it a T3 to T1 server. and in doing so the Ruin force needs to be honed and well disciplined. So there is the yes part. Now the No part is we are in a time where if your are to hard on people they leave and the ability to achive that is capable but unless we as players share the same goal we will never get there.​

    Do I want to have everyone share the same Goal? Yes, but not everyone will be cut out to take that Journey and that is fine also.

    Lasting Disclaimer:
    I will; nor will anyone in the guild, force anyone to stay in a WvW group they are not liking for what ever reason. The simplistic fact is WvW as a whole is not for everyone, and to be successful you have to bend to the idea that your commander ( be it me or someone else ) may be a little demanding or harsh. Although if you have made it this far remember just cause you can't find a place in a Zerg, maybe Havoc's will work or roamer or Hit squads or scouts. My main goal is to be the best, but I understand that I have to have the dedicated in the Zergs, with that said I feel everyone needs to be a part of WvW if WvW is really what they want to do. So in closing understand as a guild we never want to leave people behind but be fair and honest with your self, the glorious fighting parts are also the parts that are stricter and harsher. If you want to be part of that you have to accept it, if not we will strive to do our best to find you a place you are happy with and can be a part of, we just ask that you work with us.

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