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    Destiny 2 is Multiplayer Action Shooter game with RPG elements in which our Guild has presence, and the arrival of this DLC just means that we have more ground to cover as a community.

    Curse of Osiris will be the first DLC that is going to be available out of the 2 planned DLCs that Bungie has planned for Destiny 2 to this date, and it's release date was announced to be on December 5 in Sony’s Paris Games Week 2017 press briefing last October 30, and it is going to be out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

    So, Whats is it about?

    The latest trailer of Curse of Osiris, features Osiris, a well known character for Destiny players and he can be seen in the Vault of Glass, which was the first ever Raid to be released in Destiny 1. But why do we see him there if he wasn't (as far as we know) in the raid in Destiny 1? Well, we have to explain the timeline of the DLC, that goes like this:

    Osiris is Exiled after dealing with the Darkness by trying to understand it.
    Osiris travels to Mercury to enter the Vex Gate System

    Osiris sees a dark future timeline that the Vex wish to create

    Osiris heads to the Vault of Glass to attempt to prevent that timeline

    Who is Osiris?


    Not everyone that is reading this might have an idea of who Osiris is, here is a short recap of Osiris history :

    Source: Destinypedia

    New stuff coming to the game with the DLC

    • New Level Cap: The Character level will be increased from Lv. 20 to Lv. 25 and the Power Level from 305 to 330
    • The Lighthouse will be a brand new social space: The Lighthouse is a social space maintained by the Cult of Osiris located on Mercury.
    • New Missions
    • New Strikes
    • A New Raid activity: the true meaning of "raid activity" is yet to be known, could be a whole new raid, or well, just something else, we can only hope.
    • New free-roam activities.
    • And a brand new World Quest centered arround Osiris.

    So, What are your expectations on this DLC? The major concern on the community is the lack of stuff to do in the end-game of Destiny 2, and there are hopes that this DLC will fix this among other issues that the game has.


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