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    As well as wanting to lead rbgs, I am a classically trained artist (Oils, Graphite Drawing and Clay Sculpture just to name a few things) and have had Graphic Design education and experience. Right now I am trying to find a DVD with a ton of my old photo's on it. I've talked to Rateoffire slightly about this.

    Here is just some of my random things: (Mostly Warframe pieces since I play with the Devs) An oil painting of the remains of one of America's first mechanized Cottin Gins I am currently working on. It's currently waiting on me to set up my studio in the basement of our current house but for some reason game consoles and computer took priority. One of my more fantasy pieces called "Queen of Ravens." A piece I should finish since someone already put half down on it uncompleted >.<

    Here is some random works I have had left over from three years ago (when I quit painting due to severe depression) in Oil

    Currently trying to find design work I can share. This is my Clan logo in Warframe (PC) Void Heart:

    (Yes, I want to redesign the Ruin logo. :S)

    I do have experience with HTML5 animation, coding and using applications. I am more suited to Sencha since it allows more control on repeated Objects and sequencing. If asked I will try to scrounge up the 100 dollars to purchase a legit copy >.>''''

    P.S. Female Panda Dance:

    P.S.S. The only things that get in the way of this work or wow would be Family, Painting, My own sequential work. Careful, I will turn you into a character in my comic, and outside of a few primary characters I roll 2 d10's (100%) to see if characters die so don't blame me, blame the dice.
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    I'm a 3D animator actually working on Fc5, so if you need my help for any animation stuff related, i'm there ;)

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