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Dec 29, 2015
    1. Brikhouse
      Hello, Just letting you know I have acquired Sample's GW2 account. I am his dad and a faithful guildie from back in KJ days. I've made every move with ruin and now want to give GW2 a go but didn't want to spend any money on it. Sample doesn't play it anymore soo... Anyway, please let everyone know I am not Sample and don't want his history with the guild to count against me.
    2. Taxx
      Hi Archaos this is Taxx. For some reason i can not connect to TS anymore. Can you check on the problem for me. I keep usint pw Ruinous. but it still doesnt connect. Can you see if im blocked or give me the IP address. Some channels will only let me in with an IP address. Thanks
    3. oran13
      Name in game is ├śran am a 90 monk just boosted and already approved on site :) please invite to guild came from another server just to play in ruin gaming
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